A Few Words About Us                   

Gita Fruit Product
is a leading exporter of processed fruits. We process and export a variety of fruits in the from of Juice , Jam , Jelly and Pickle specially Mango ( frozen clear juice concentrate ).

The products
are processed as per specific customer requirements as aseptic or frozen. Customers world over buy processed fruit products from Gita Fruit Product knowing that they are pure , fresh and at the best price points. Strategic location , state of the art processing facilities , modern technology , strong focus on
quality increasees the comfort and confidence of buyers

Why Choose Us

Manufacturing Edge : ( Infrastructure )

The processing of the fruit is fully mechanised right from the washing , sorting , chopping , preheatin , filtration , evaporation , sterilization to the aseptic or frozen packaging , freezing in blast freezer and storage in cold room.

Technology Edge :

We have inveted in modern international grade production and processing technology. Technology along with the skilled and professional food technology business managers and engineers enable the efficient and hygenic production of high quality products round years.

Our Quality


is always the result of sincere efforts , intelligent direction and skillful execution. To be competitive , Gita fully appreciates that it needs to provide a product , in which quality is designed , built and consistently maintained.

At Gita , quality is of paramount importance. Thus , the company ensures that stringent quality checks are followed at each and every stage of processing so that the end result surpanes the expectations of its customers.

We have put in place a well equipped quality assurance department responsible for a detailed quality check of each and every batch thereby ensuring that the customer recieves product of the highest quality. Special quality checking lab has been developed within the premises with special care and attention to hygiene factors. The quality product produced not only keeps our clients happy but also results in repeat orders.

Vision :

To become a leading and untouchable fruit processing company in India by offering unparalleled products.

Mission :

To achieve sustainable growth by -
  • Customer Focus
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Social Accountibility
  • Network of Partners

Awards :


"I'd just like to let you know that I'm very happy with the quality of all of the products I've purchased from you."
Sandeep Bhakta
"The consistent, quality products have provided "fail proof" gourmet appetizers and meals to my family, "
Rajib Karmakar
"Futures foods has outstanding products. I have enjoyed the service provided by Gita Food Products for over 3 years. We look forward to his outgoing and friendly visits when he delivers our order."
Sumit Das
"I bring one of those Mango Kasundi last night and I have to say that it is hands down the best Kasundi I've had in a very long, long time. My family and our company really enjoyed it too."
Sreetam Sarkar
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